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Instruments of evaluation

We want to show that there exist easy and convenient ways to evaluate - even with the already existing equipment!  The methods from social siences - survey, observation, content analysis and tests - have to be standardized in questionnaires and check lists for that. Scales like for example college grades make it possible to quantify qualitative data and to transform it into handy figures. In this regard, open questions are a constructive source for discovering  potential for improvement. Therefore, they should never be forgotten during the recording and the analyis!
Here we offer you some simple instruments for PR-evaluation for free download!

Questionnaire for PR-conception to record and to evaluate the quality of a PR-concept (83 KB / PDF)
Analysis of the situation, strategy and tactic have to be checked thoroughly, before the PR-program starts!

Recording of the quality of produced communication measures and media
(67 KB / PDF)
How do independent experts (for example colleagues in the own team or company) assess the activity? Does the texts match with quality criteria of journalism, is the media (for example CD-ROM) clearly structured and easy to handle? Is the situation of personal communication convenient (for example clothes, location, but also attention, eye contact)?

Questionnaire for the evaluation of a press kit (92 KB / PDF)
How is the press kit structured, does content and form match with demands of quality of journalists?

Questionnaire for cooperation within the PR-team (92 KB / PDF)
How does the cooperation in the team work out? Are the employees satisfied with the sharing of work and for example with technical resources?

Process control with respect to the plan (64 KB / PDF)
Is the organisation in plan as regards costs, time, measures and resources? Early detection of divergences from the plan makes a fast correction possible, BEFORE the project gets out of hand!

Questionnaire for the evaluation of events (95 KB / PDF)
How was the location evaluated, how were contents and presentation of the speakers liked? Question your target group or participating, independent specialists!

On each questionnaire the stage of evaluation (for example evaluation of instruments) and the section of the stage (for example media resonance) are listed.

We would be glad to know about your suggestions for further instruments or your proposals for changes of our questionnaires! Please write to Dr. Nanette Besson: besson@pr-evaluation.de.

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